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I had a chance to try a few typical Norweigan dishes while in Stavanger. I wasn’t there long, but my local friends made it a point to take me out one night to have Komle (Raspeball), which is a potato ball that is half cooked, half raw, with salt and flour or barley. It is served with meats. I was told it wasn’t going to be favorable to my American tastes, but I loved it! Rich in flavor (salt helped), I would definitely have it again!

I also had a plate of Norweigan meatballs, or Kjøttkaker or Kjøttballer. Served with Potatoes, peas, and .. jam.. yes, jam, for dipping, was also quite a delight! The jam really gave it a sweet taste to the otherwise rich meats. Great combination!

And finally, the highlight.. reindeer! A lot of Norweigan food is gamey, and when I had the chance to try reindeer, I immediately thought it was wrong to eat Santa’s helpers, but I couldn’t resist the chance to try it. It was indeed gamey, but a nice hearty, thick taste and I had it with these little balls of fried potatoes and a salad. My friend Gilles made this at home, so homecooked reindeer topped the list of favorite foods in Norway. Kind of have a craving for it again..