3 days in Stockholm with friends

This was my second time visiting Stockholm, and it was my first stop (Jan 17th, 2014) in Europe, as part of a 3 month, around the world trip. My plan here was to just visit some good friends, as I had to start killing time until I left for Nepal Feb 1st (from Oslo, Norway). My friend Swedish Freddie, who I met a few years back in Barcelona, offered to put me up at his place and show me the nightlife, so I accepted. My good friend Lisa, also Swedish – whom I met in New York City, had recently moved back to Stockholm, so I got to see her and her new girlfriend, Lauren (American). We met up at Hotel Rival, which is owned by a Abba member, Benny Andersson. I met a bunch of new friends through Lisa, always a plus when in a new city. Freddie took me out to a few nightlife spots, got me WASTED, and I spent the 2nd day in bed hungover, but managed to meet Lisa and her friends at a bar called The Bishops Arms, an Irish pub, where we celebrated her friend Charlotte’s (Charlie) birthday. The next day, myself, Lisa, Lauren, and another of her friends met in Gamla Stan, the Old City, and went and explored the Royal Palace. Sadly, no photos are allowed inside, so no images. It is a museum, but also is used for all official state visits, including hosting foreign world leaders. It was really cool to see a living and working castle! After that, we went to a restaurant that was a basement that used to be an old Dungeon! Then we just walked around, saw the old city and sights like the tiny tiny statue Järnpojke, or Iron Boy, in English known as the “little boy who looks at the moon”. He was decorated with a scarf, as he is often decorated throughout the year. My friend told me it represents the children, in medieval times, who died carrying iron up from the waterfront. Finally ended the night by visiting Freddie at his job at Raddison Blu, where he bartends. We got drinks, hit the town, and did karaoke.